Cellresin technology containing the active ingredient (1-MCP) is applied to film or labels for use in a variety of packaging materials.  Packer/growers can apply the technology in the field or packing house.  Packaging manufacturers can apply the same technology during production of the packaging.

As produce is harvested, the packer begins the preservation process by using treated containers, or applying a sheet or label to a container, from which 1-MCP diffuses and begins to block ethylene receptor sites.

The ripening process is curtailed and the amount of time the produce is viable throughout the supply chain to the shelf is dramatically increased.  Field trials have shown results on many items maintaining color quality, sweetness, and usability.  In general, we see extended shelf lives of 3 to 7 days.

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Examples of how our product may be applied

Coated film placed within box lids…

…allow for extended shelf life for fruits and vegetables.

Labels applied to clamshells and other containers…

…enable longer shelf life for berries and fresh cut fruit and vegetables.

Wraps treated with the active ingredient 1-MCP…

…can preserve fresh flowers for several additional days.

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